Brazos Valley's Famous Crepe Myrtles
Brazos Valley's Famous Crepe Myrtles

Choosing the Right Time to Transplant

Brazos Valley Tree Farm Crape MyrtlesChoosing the right time to transplant your crepe myrtles in Brazos County is critical to promoting healthy growth and vibrant blooms. The best time to plant these stunning beauties is during their dormant season when the trees can focus all their energy on establishing strong roots. Let me guide you through the process. 

Why the Dormant Season? 

2Brazos Valley Ranch LandscapesThe dormant season, typically spanning from late fall to early spring, is the optimal period for transplanting most trees, and crepe myrtles are no exception. It is during this time that the tree is in a state of rest, conserving energy, and preparing for the explosion of growth that spring brings. Relocating the tree during dormancy gives it ample time to establish its root system in the new location before it starts to actively grow again. 

Understanding Brazos County's Climate 

Located in Central Texas, Brazos County experiences hot summers and mild winters, which can play a significant role in deciding the best time to transplant crepe myrtles. While the dormant season is typically preferred, the mild winters in Brazos County actually extend the transplant window. This means you can safely transplant these trees as late as early spring and still expect healthy growth. 

The Benefit of Early Spring 

Early spring is also an excellent time for transplanting crepe myrtles in Brazos County. As the soil begins to warm, the crepe myrtles will start to break their dormancy. This period of early growth is when the tree is most receptive to transplanting. If you choose to transplant during early spring, ensure the trees are well-watered and protected from late-season frost. 

Timing is Everything 

The key to a successful crepe myrtle transplant lies in the timing. Whether you choose late fall, winter, or early spring, make sure you give the tree enough time to establish in its new location before the heat of summer sets in. Understanding the growth cycle of crepe myrtles and the climatic conditions of Brazos County can significantly increase your chances of a successful transplant and a vibrant, blooming tree for years to come. Visit Brazos Valley Tree Farm, to pick from our many colors of crepe myrtle for your home, today.


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